Sensors For Vehicles

2021-11-16 15:45:08 Sowaysensor

  Sensors For Vehicles

Soway provides a full range of sensors which are suitable for automotive vehicles' application. Solutions for speed detection, angle detection, position detection, fuel level detection, load detection, fuel consumption detection, etc.

With the rapid development of the automotive vehicles industry in the direction of electrification and intelligence, electronic control systems in automobiles require sensors that can work reliably in harsh environments, and the demand for intelligence is also urgent. Regardless of whether it is for safety or intelligence considerations, automobiles need to constantly perceive and feedback the constantly changing information inside and outside the vehicle.

Soway is committed to becoming one of the world's important automotive sensor companies, providing innovative solutions to help customers transform concepts into more reliable, safer, more environmentally friendly, and more interconnected automotive sensor products. Based on sensors for automotive applications, Soway provides the following sensor solutions: speed detection, angle detection, position detection, fuel level detection, load detection, fuel consumption detection and other full range of sensor solutions.

(1) Speed detection: The sensors used for speed detection are forward and reverse speed sensors and gear speed sensors. The forward and reverse speed sensors include commercial concrete vehicle rotation monitoring, mechanical equipment rotation speed measurement, motor rotation speed detection, and engineering machinery rotation speed measurement, etc. Function. It is sturdy and durable and has a high detection frequency. The SPH3A0 forward and reverse rotation speed sensor is recommended. The gear speed sensor has functions such as gear speed detection, mechanical equipment speed measurement, engine speed detection, and motor speed detection. It has high reliability and can be used in smoke, oil and gas. It works in environments such as water vapor, compact structure, small size, and easy to install and use. SPH318 gear speed sensor is recommended.

(2) Angle detection: Angle detection adopts an angle sensor, which supports new energy vehicle motor speed detection, throttle angle detection, accelerator pedal position detection and other functions. It is RoHS compliant and supports IP67 waterproof rating. SAHC01-120 series angle position sensors are recommended.

(3) Position detection: Clutch pump displacement sensor, which supports automobile clutch master cylinder stroke detection, cruise control, engine management, interlocking and electronic parking brake; it can perform non-contact measurement through the cylinder wall, up to three Switch point, or stroke measurement up to 40 mm.

(4) Fuel level detection: fuel level sensor, the whole machine has no movable or elastic parts, impact resistance, easy installation, high reliability, high precision, and good cost performance; it supports fuel level measurement and can be used in automobile fuel tanks and oil tanks. Accurate measurement of oil level in vehicles, oil depots, etc. is also suitable for measurement and monitoring of various other liquids.

(5) Load detection: Special structure design, the sensor is installed on the vehicle, will not be damaged, can detect the specific weight of no-load, full-load, overload or load; oil pollution resistance, protection level IP67; support load detection, suitable for trucks, auto Unloading trucks, mixer trucks, sanitation trucks, etc.; SAHX-120B load sensor is recommended.

(6) Fuel consumption detection: high accuracy, measurement accuracy up to ±1%, stable performance, industrial-grade design and processing, to ensure long-term stable use of the product, and support to collect the signal of the speed sensor or wheel speed sensor and calculate the mileage. The HOCM03 integrated fuel consumption is recommended instrument.