Magnetostrictive sensors can be used in the wood processing field

2021-11-17 16:42:00 Sowaysensor

Magnetostrictive sensors can be used in the wood processing field

Magnetostrictive sensors are used in the wood processing field, with LED indicators supporting real-time monitoring, and can be adapted to harsh environments.

The design and manufacture of magnetostrictive sensors coming from Soway can fully be adapted to the harsh environment of sawmills, and have been successfully used in extreme environments with high impact and vibration for more than 20 years. The production capacity of the wood processing can be optimized with a higher speed and more precise control.

The process of sawing mainly is  to cut logs into planks. The flow chart is as follow:

Concrete application:

The sawmill usually uses curve cutting and jig sawing t    echniques. Each log is scanned by a 3D scanner and its shape is curved base on it. The higher the resilience is, the higher the quality products will be. During this process, logs, various tools and work rolls are switched frequently to achieve the corresponding curve. There are more than two hundred sensors are used synchronously. They are integrated in the hydraulic cylinders of each axis, to ensure their precise and dynamic positioning, and to provide position feedback for the cylinders that drive saw blades and logs.

The wood processing factories usually have two kinds of machines: ordinary woodworking presses and continuous presses, both of them are using magnetostrictive sensors. Soway sensors feedback the distance of the  pressing and horizontal movement. The accuracy needs to be 0.05mm, the stroke is about 300mm, each press uses 4 displacement sensors to control the synchronization state.

The picture below is a servo closed-loop system which transforms a manually operated particleboard press into a fully automatic programmable system. The precise control of the press is achieved by an electronic servo pump and pressure and position sensors. This automatic control can monitor subtle changes in the operation of the press, thereby reducing the cycle time of the machine from 20 minutes to 5 minutes .

As it shows in the figure, the magnetostrictive position sensor is installed in a cylinder connected to the pressure plate through a transmission rod.

Sensor: pressure rod type, aluminum molding shell type

Output signal: depends on the upper computer signal interface (SSI / analog)

The advantages of our sensors

    • LED indicator, convenient to monitor the real-time status of the sensor

    • Rugged and reliable structure allows the sensor to be used in a wide range of harsh environments

    • High impact resistance, high vibration resistance and superior EMI and anti-interference capabilities ensure trouble-free operation of the equipment

    •The sensor element is easy to be replaced, no need to relieve pressure or damage the cylinder seal

    • Online dynamic feedback of product (particle board) size parameters

    • Precise control of product quality

    • Increased press output (saving 70% of time)