Magnetostrictive Displacement Sensor Can Be Used To Feedback The Roll Gap Position Of The Continuous Casting Machine

2021-11-18 16:42:40 Sowaysensor

Magnetostrictive Displacement Sensor Can Be Used To Feedback The Roll Gap Position Of The Continuous Casting Machine

Universal or anticorrosive magnetostrictive displacement sensor, can be used to feedback the roll gap position of the continuous casting machine accurately to realize closed-loop control.

Continuous casting dynamic soft reduction technology is a new cost-effective technology to improve the quality of continuous casting slabs with the advancement of high-precision hydrdcaulic sector manufacturing and remote control technology in the middle and late 1990s. Pressure is applied at the end of the slab solidification zone to produce a certain amount of reduction to compensate the solidification shrinkage of the slab, preventing the molten steel enriched in the intergranular flow to the center of the slab, and promoting the redistribution of the solute elements in the molten steel. Then the solidification structure of the cast slab can be more uniform and dense, as to reduce the center segregation and center looseness of the cast slab.

The dynamic soft reduction technology is mainly composed of three parts: a heat tracking model, an automatic adjustment system, and a high-precision sector that can realize remote control. The high-precision sector adjusts the displacement setting of the hydraulic cylinder dynamically according to the instructions, as to changing the roll gap and reduction, and ensuring the soft reduction effect of unsteady casting. The dynamic roll gap adjustment device is the core of the high-precision sector, and its structure and control method have a direct and decisive influence on the roll gap accuracy.

In the dynamic roll gap adjustment device, the core component is the magnetostrictive displacement sensor which is built in the hydraulic cylinder. Soway has a long history with the application of the magnetostrictive displacement sensor to the continuous casting dynamic soft reduction station, using SSI digital sensor, with a resolution of 0.5 microns, can feed back the current roll gap position and transmit the displacement to the PLC for processing accurately. The host computer adjusts the hydraulic cylinder's depression accordingly to form a complete closed-loop control to ensure the casting effect.

Soway has below two magnetostrictive displacement sensors for choosing which can be applied in Casting Machine:

1). SFMS Universal Magnetostrictive Liquid Level Sensor

A liquid level measuring magnetostrictive sensor developed by the principle of magnetostriction. It adopts non-contact measurement method, with a strong environmental adaptability, and does not need regular calibration and maintenance; the product is an absolute output and does not need to be reset to zero; With a high precision, high stability, high reliability and high repeatability, it supports a variety of output methods such as current, voltage, SSI and Modbus, and is widely used in petroleum, chemical, steel, port, machinery and food with high requirements For industrial occasions. To a high-precision level control ,it is your number one choice.

2). SFMF anticorrosive magnetostrictive liquid level sensor

The SFMF anticorrosive magnetostrictive liquid level sensors adopt non-contact measurement method and have a long life. They are made of Teflon or PP material. Supporting current, voltage, and Modbus and other output,they are widely used in high-demand industrial occasions such as photovoltaics, semiconductors, petroleum, chemical, food and pharmaceuticals.