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Load Cell Coming! How to Make Freight Safer

2021-11-22 15:59:22 Sowaysensor

Load Cell Coming! How to Make Freight Safer

As one of the main participants in road traffic, truck drivers have a high casualty rate in traffic accidents. Freight safety has become a common concern of drivers, main engine factories, spare parts factories and even the whole society. Load cell | load sensor

Vehicles are the most important part in the whole transportation process. Whether in the driving process or in the vehicle itself, there are many kinds of accidents. In addition to ensuring the reliability of the vehicle hardware, it still needs a variety of auxiliary systems to escort. In European heavy trucks, these auxiliary systems have been used in parking, driving, vehicle management and other links to ensure the safety of the entire cargo. Load cell | load sensor

In the whole transportation safety, cargo safety is also very important. Transportation often causes damage to cargo because of transportation temperature, unprofessional tools, and even cargo leakage. For drivers, not only the hard work of one trip goes to the east, but also pay a higher price. And the weight of goods is also the most important in the process of cargo transportation. Load cell | load sensor

In the use of heavy methods, there are many phenomena, such as easy damage, false alarm and so on. The maintenance cost is very high.  Load cell | load sensor

1. Special-purpose, professional transport vehicles. In Europe, different goods have corresponding professional carriages and corresponding loading equipment. For example, Smith has exhibited a number of new trailers for special purpose. Refrigerator cars will set up several refrigeration zones according to the different goods; transport steel coils also have professional vehicles; large-scale transport also has its own professional vehicles, and all vehicles will use different configurations according to the particularity of the goods, so as to ensure the safety of the goods from the basic configuration.

2. The whole process inspection of goods. Bosch has launched a recorder to monitor the temperature, humidity, inclination and so on in the process of transportation. Once exceeding a specific value, it will give an alarm, detect potential cargo damage threat, and be conducive to fleet management and accident traceability.

3. The goods are bundled with sensors. Whether the goods are tied up or not is also an important factor in determining the safety of goods. Sometimes, although they are tied up before departure, due to the bumpy journey and other reasons, the tie-up belt will be loosened, the goods fall, collision damage, has been plagued by many drivers. On the 2018IAA, BPW innovatively introduced a strapping sensor, which can monitor the strength of strapping in real time. Once the strapping is loose, it will remind drivers to deal with it in time to ensure the safety of goods.

4. The pallet locator keeps track of the cargo address at any time. In today's vehicle networking system, most of them can monitor the location of trailers or main vehicles in real time. It is still a difficult problem to track the specific goods. Loss of goods occurs from time to time. BPW introduced tray sensor positioning, which can real-time understand the location of a tray cargo and ensure the safety of the cargo.

Safety is an eternal topic in the freight industry. Whether at home or abroad, most of the automobile companies are working hard to provide users with safer and more efficient transportation. In many cases, the two complement each other. At the Hanover Motor Show in 2018, we saw a lot of "black technology" and saw better transportation in the future.  Load cell | load sensor

Although the current domestic freight transport is more to meet the most basic transport needs, there is not so much high-tech support. But we can see that domestic commercial vehicle companies have been spared no effort to follow the footsteps of high-end heavy trucks in Europe, committed to bringing safer, more efficient and comfortable products to domestic users. Looking forward to more possibilities for the domestic freight industry in the future.  Load cell | load sensor

Overload, illegal dumping, unauthorized using of vehicles, fuel theft, illegal operation have been growing problems with the fast development of truck logistics. At one time, the administrators had been helpless and obviously traditional solutions such as truck scale are not ideal for its high cost, high error and failure rate. Based on the issues above, Soway Tech Ltd designs and produces a brand new load sensor, SAHX series, which has a longer life-expectancy and higher accuracy. Users can use SAHX alone or achieve multiple measurements on vehicles by utilizing other Soway sensors, GPS platforms at the same time.

SAHX-120B Angle Load Sensor

Soway Load Sensor is based on the technology of angle measurement. Displacement of leaf spring of the vehicle always happens when the weight changes. Load Sensor measures the displacement of leaf springs, the load status and weight can be computed accordingly.

Its application field including Overload monitoring, Dump truck management, Garbage truck management. Vehicles balance monitoring protects your vehicles and save your dollars.

So it's easier and more reassuring to transport goods.Load Sensors make cargo transportation safer , reduce overload , stolen cargo and overturn due to unbalanced trucks.