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Supply Delivery Of Sensor Products

2021-11-22 15:59:09 Sowaysensor

Delivery Of Sensor Products

The scientific arrangement of production scheduling is the key to ensure the delivery of sensor products.


Production scheduling is the core of production management, but the traditional production planning mode has an unsolved problem, which makes the production scheduling process a difficult problem in production management.These difficult problems are mainly reflected in the following three aspects:

I. Objectives of scheduling of conflicting production schedules

1. Meet the contradiction between the delivery time and the production cost

2. Contradiction between maximum capacity and minimization of production cycle

3. Minimize the cost of inventory and customer demand

4. The contradiction between bulk purchase and minimization of inventory

II. Complex and multi-constrained production sites

1. The complex process path varies with the special needs of various devices

2. Limited production equipment, materials, inventory, personnel constraints

3. The production mode of small batch multiple varieties

4. Lean production multi-variety mixing pattern

III. The production environment of dynamic change

1. Change of temporary orders, emergency interpolation requirements

2. Product process changes, new product development process uncertainty

3. Troubleshooting machine equipment, sick leave of employees, etc

IV. Solutions

We must set up a lean, flexible and personalized solutions, provide a solid application functions to meet the needs of the enterprise comprehensive business management process handle, the aim is to:

On-demand production - efficient and agile production planning - rapid manufacturing - lean flow flexible enterprise - operational flexibility, structural flexibility, strategic flexibility.

We must redesign the supply chain informatization system.The traditional way of master production plan and material requirement plan, has been very difficult to adapt to the on-demand production environment, many companies are turning to on-demand production environment, on-demand production one of the biggest challenges is to simulate calculation the CTP can promise delivery time and delivery on time.Not only need the order needs to enter directly into the scheduled material and capability system, but also interact with the supplier to supply information.

When lean operation to the demand of agile supply chain production, equipment performance management makes the material end customer demand driven by rapid customer response, will bring about huge benefit to the enterprise, however, the implementation of it is also a huge investment and energy you need. Manufacturing managers in determining the development strategy of enterprise supply chain center of gravity, the lean strategy and agile strategy is to the two world-class strategies, balanced development, build on-demand production, rapid manufacturing flexible enterprise.