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How to Use the Level Sensor Correctly

2021-11-22 16:05:55 Sowaysensor

How to Use the Level Sensor Correctly

Ultrasound liquid level sensor:
The ultrasonic liquid level sensor emits an ultrasonic pulse, which is reflected by the liquid surface and converted into electrical signals by the ultrasonic receiver. The distance between the sensor and the measured liquid surface is calculated by the time between the transmission and reception of the acoustic wave.

If there are obstacles under the position of the liquid level sensor installation, then it is not suitable to use the ultrasonic liquid level sensor. Obstacles will affect the ultrasonic emission, resulting in signal loss; obstacles need to be adjusted or avoided.

liquid viscosity, corrosion and other issues will not affect, more sanitary.

Capacitive liquid level sensor:
The principle of capacitance induction causes the capacitance change when the measured medium immerses in the height change of the measuring electrode. The change of liquid level height is converted into standard current signal, and alarm or automatic control is sent out.

The capacitive liquid level sensor and the capacitive liquid level sensor after the wall thickness can not be used when the liquid is placed in the container of metal material.

Capacitive level sensor is recommended if the container can not be opened or not.

Float Level Sensor:
The float liquid level sensor drives the float with magnet up and down by the buoyancy of the liquid, so that the internal reed tube opens and closes to send out signals.

Float liquid level sensor

1, high accuracy, good stability, strong anti-disturbance function.
2. The liquid level sensor adopts three-level lightning protection plan, which has a good result of lightning strike resistance.
3. Full degree and zero temporary stability can reach 0.1% FS/year.
4. Solid-state structure, no movable parts, high reliability, long service life, reverse maintenance and current-limiting maintenance circuits exist, and the positive and negative poles will not destroy the transmitter in the device.
5. Convenient installation, simple structure and economical durability.