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The Trend of Sensor Technology

2021-11-22 16:15:53 Sowaysensor

The Trend of Sensor Technology

At present, the main development trend of sensor technology is to carry out basic research, discover new phenomena, develop new materials and new processes for sensors, and secondly, realize sensor integration and intelligence. A successful example is Soway’s weight load sensor utilization to fleet management.

1. Discover new phenomena, develop new materials, - New phenomena, new principles, new materials are important foundations for developing sensor technology and researching new sensors. Every new principle, the discovery of new materials will be born with new sensor types.

2. Integration, multi-functionality - The integration of sensors into sensitive functional devices has recently been actively applied to semiconductor integrated circuit technology and its development ideas for sensor manufacturing. For example, micro-sensors are fabricated using MEMS; sensors are fabricated using thick film and thin film technology.

3. Challenge the untapped field - Biosensors are being researched so far. Most of the sensors developed are physical sensors, and chemical sensors and biosensors should be actively developed in the future. In particular, the development of intelligent robot technology requires the development of various sensors that simulate human sensory organs, such as existing robotic force senses, tactile sensors, and taste sensors.

4. Smart sensor - A sensor with judgment and learning ability. In fact, it is a sensor with a microprocessor that has detection, judgment and information processing functions.