LVDT displacement sensor

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SS304 construction, Explosion proof character and it can be used in etrochemical and natrual gas industry Combustible and explosive environment.

  • Model: SDVN8-4

1, SS304 construction, Explosion proof
2, DC operated, internal signal conditioner within
3, 3-wire voltage output 0-5V or 0-10V
    2-wire current output 4-20mA
4, Ranging from 0mm to 15mm, high resolution and repeatability
5, Contactless, Long lifespan

1, Petrochemical and natrual gas industry
2, Combustible and explosive environment
3, Military weapons manufacture
4, Hazardous areas with explosive dust and gas


Input Power9 ~28V DC
Current of voltage output ≤12mA

2-wire current output of 4~20mA Output of 4~20mAA
Range of
Output Signal0~5V (9 ~28V DC Input )

0 ~10V (15 ~28V DC Input )

4 ~20mA (2-wire, 15 ~28V DC Input )

Digital Output RS485 (9 ~12V DC Input )
Linearity Error

Analog Output 0.25%, 0.5% O ptional  Digital Out:put 0.25%,0.1% etc. Optional

Repeatability Error≤0.01% of F.S.
Resolution≤0.1um(Max),Digital Output16 bit
Dynamical propertyStandard 50Hz(Option)
Operating temperature-77℉~185℉(-25℃ ~ +85℃)
Null Position ≤0.01%F.S./ ℃

Sensitivity≤0.025% F.S./ ℃

Packing & Delivery:

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details

Standard exporting package.Neutral box packaging, cartons and foam inside Corner, sponges and other protection, to ensure the safety of traffic.



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1. MOQ: One set;
2. OEM Service: We can produce as client's demand and environment condition;
3. Quality: We have standardised production lines, with extremely strict quality control system;
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