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Spring Loaded Displacement Sensors SDVB20

OD20mm,Spring loaded LVDT sensor, high precision, high Repeatability 5μm,Resolution ≤0.1μm(Maximum),16 bit(Digital output),Application: Shaft radial run out detection, valve position detection and control, material hardness and stress detection, braking device corrosion detection, roll gap clearance measurement

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Spring Loaded type LVDT Displacement sensor

Ultrahigh linearity and repeatability

Analog output and Digital output , optional

Long service life at least 5 million times, one year warranty

Totally design and manufacture by SOWAY

Resistance to high temperature of 150 ℃ (optional), vibration resistance, flame-proof Exd Ⅱ CT6 (optional)

Spring Loaded type LVDT Displacement sensor

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1. Introduction
LVDT is a high-tech product used to measure the elongation, vibration, thickness, expansion and so on, it is intended for widely application in Aerospace, Machinery, Construction, Textile, Railway, Coal mine, Metallurgy, Plastic, Chemical industry and Academic research. DC LVDT performs excellently from 9-28 voltage DC power supply, suitable for high precision and high repeatability measurement, output standard signal of 0-5v or 4-20mA to be identified by computer or PLC. The integrated circuit is hermetically sealed in SUS 304 stainless steel sleeve, ensure that the transducers keep working accurately and reliably in hostile environment of damp and dust, corrosion, etc.

Spring Loaded type LVDT Displacement sensor

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2. Features
Outer diameterΦ20mm ,SS 304 shell,spring-loaded
DC single power supply, built-in excellent signal demodulator
Three wires voltage output 0-5V or 0-10V,
two wires current output 4-20mA
Hydraulic cylinder positioning
Roll gap measuring
The valve position detection and control
Shaft jumping detection
Vehicle brake wear measurement Measuring range from 1mm-50mm, high resolution,
excellent repeatability
Contactless operation, long life

Series of SDVB20 Spring-loaded
Input Voltage
9 ~28V DC 
Input Current
input current ≤12mA (Voltage output type)
input current 4~20mA (2 wire, current output type)
Measuring range
2.5, 5, 10, 15, 25, 50
Output signal
0~5V (9 ~28V DC input voltage)
0 ~10V (15 ~28V DC input voltage)
4 ~20mA (2 wire, 15 ~28V DC input voltage)
Digital output (9 ~28V DC input voltage)
Analog output:±0.25%,±0.5% etc optional; Digital output:0.25%,0.1% etc optional
≤0.01% of FS
≤0.01um(max),Digital output is 16 bit
Dynamic characteristics
Operating temperature
-25℃ ~ +85℃
Temperature coefficient
Null point≤0.01%/℃
Sensitivity ≤0.025%/℃


Spring Loaded type Spring loaded with bearing

                    Spring Loaded type                                              Spring loaded with bearing

Separate core typeSeparate core type

                   Separate core type                                                Gauging probe, inductive probe

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