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OD 20mm, spring loaded LVDT sensor, high precision, high repeatability 5μm, resolution ≤0.1μm(Maximum),16 bit(Digital output). Application: Shaft radial run out detection, valve position detection and control, material hardness and stress detection, braking device corrosion detection, roll gap clearance measurement

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DC-operated LVDTs are rugged in hermetically sealed sensors, constructed entirely of stainless steel 304 intended for environments containing moisture, dirt and fluid contaminants.They are designed to operate in conjunction with computer-based data processors(standard) or PLCs(option).

Displacement detection method

Travel range 0-100mm; Core (probe) and sensor main body together, contact sensor adopts wear-resisting winding plating hard tool steel or plastic flat, intermediate in spring connection, when in contact with the object to be tested core probe, probe into and probe the compression quantity product displacement, the deformation and displacement of the object to be tested, when left the object to be tested, as a result of the action of the spring, iron core rebound reset automatically.

Application field

Hydraulic cylinder positioning

Roll gap measurement

Valve position detection and control

The axis pulse detection

Vehicle brake device wear measurement

Test machine object deformation and expansion detection

The examination of the thickness of the object in the instrument

Tensile test

Tool positioning

Detection of road bridge engineering


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